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Welcome to the DPL energy Purchasing Supplier Resource Center.
suppliers to DPL energy office in China. Visit the site often and watch for updates.We are designing the Center to serve not only existing supplier base, but also potential

Suppliers are important business partners for DPL ENERGY and DPL ENERGY seeks to ensure that activities in the supply chain are carried out in accordance with internationally recognized principles for human rights, working conditions, environmental management and anti-corruption efforts.

This includes setting requirements to suppliers, contractors and business partners. To be able to achieve these ambitious targets, DPL ENERGY seeks to contract services as well as the purchase, hire, or lease of equipment and materials in a manner to ensure that DPL ENERGY’s own sustainability policies are met, including audits and contractual obligations.

In 2011, a standardized sourcing process for significant direct material suppliers to DPL ENERGY was implemented. Suppliers in these areas typically represent more than 80 percent of the annual expenditure for DPL ENERGY. Sustainability is now a key part of supplier pre-qualification reviews, supplier audits, supplier performance management and supplier development. The sustainability issues cover human rights, freedom of association, child and forced labor, anti-corruption, environmental management as well as occupational health and safety. In 2011, all significant direct material suppliers for Solar were audited on sustainability. No suppliers were identified as having significant risk regarding the sustainability issues.


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Eason Zhong

Eason Zhong

Eason Zhong