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An investment in clean solar power is no longer seen as simply a commitment to a sustainable economy or a contribution to the environment. A solar plant is a profitable capital investment in its own right. However, investors and companies realize that the profit return of a photovoltaic investment depends on the quality and efficiency of the plant.

Only when a system is functioning at its highest level will optimal yields be achieved. In order to assure this, DPL ENERGY experts can oversee your project every step of the way, from initial planning through to full completion and beyond.


You are a commercial or industrial business and would like to install a photovoltaic system and use the generated power for your own consumption? The engineers from DPL ENERGY can aid in determining the possible self-consumption possibility and the optimal system layout from the technical and economic standpoint. This is derived with the electricity demand of your company and the annual solar irradiation via a simulation based on various system configurations. For the conclusive sensitivity and profitability analysis we subsequently take into account electricity purchase price, feed-in tariffs, total system investment cost and the possible integration of the storage to determine the best possible system layouts case by case.


DPL ENERGY introduced a new product to enhance our range of professional photovoltaic services. Based on many years of experience in the evaluation and simulation of thousands of photovoltaic systems, we can determine the expected system yield so that each investment can be assured on a secure foundation from the outset.

The scope ranges from rapid and cost-effective yield forecasts or classic yield assessment reports that are required when applying for a photovoltaic project loan.

Yield Assessment Reports
When applying for a loan for a photovoltaic system many financial institutions require a Yield Assessment Report from an independent inspector. DPL ENERGY is recognized as an inspector by leading banks, and we can provide them with visually attractive, easy-to-understand reports. We use internationally recognized software such as PV*SOL, and will report on the system yield in kWh/kWp, together with the plant-specific performance ratio.

Yield Optimization
After detailed analysis and assessment of all plans, our specialists can submit professional proposals for yield optimization. On request, we can also provide detailed analysis of specific parameters, or legal contracts and binding conditions, so every client can receive a high-yield guarantee and feel confident in the investment.


In addition to evaluating the yield of planned solar thermal systems, our experts produce efficiency forecasts and calculate payback periods for solar thermal systems.

Do you require evaluation, analysis or optimization of an existing solar thermal system? The DPL ENERGY’ experts can help. We can take care of a system on site to ensure its optimal operation. In addition we offer operation control and yield monitoring for solar thermal systems. In case of damage or insurance claims we can produce a detailed damage analysis.


The Solarpraxis experts can produce overviews of available products and technologies. For instance, you may require supplier product analysis for comparison pricing, or may need analysis of target groups, market segments or technical requirements for products.

Our focus is on technical solutions and practical business support. We can help you decide which product best fits into your existing line, what system solutions are most important in your market, or how to complement your range of products to meet customers’ needs now and in the future.


The experts at DPL ENERGY have the technical know-how to assess new products or systems that manufacturers have under development. Their assessment always considers the needs of installers and operators.



A system only achieves maximum yield when functioning at its best, which is why DPL  ENERGY professionals are with you all the way, from planning though to completion and beyond.

We provide quality assistance for large-scale photovoltaic systems in these areas:

Planning phase

  • Advice when selecting components
  • Review of installation design
  • Shading analysis, grid connection approval, yield assessment
  • Help in obtaining construction permits
  • Review of quotations
  • Assessment of economic efficiency

Construction phase

  • Inspection and testing of received goods
  • Inspection of components
  • Measurement of module output, insulation testing
  • Inspection of construction progress
  • Performance testing and measurements for approvals

Operational phase

  • Visual installation inspection
  • Thermography
  • Sample measurements
  • Insulation testing
  • Defect detection, analysis and assessment of damage


  • Technical management and operation
  • Performance monitoring
  • Yield analysis and preparation of operational reports


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