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2013         Jakarta:BIPV Power System Case
                                   System Capacity:50KW; Combined with power on grid

                                   South Africa:Solar roof systems

                                   System Capacity:5KW; Combined with power off grid 

                                   Europe:Solar roof systems
                                  System Capacity:5KW; Combined with power off grid 

                                   Lithuania:Solar and wind house systems
                                  System Capacity:3KW; Combined with power off grid 

Germany:Solar flat roof systems
                                  System Capacity:76KW;
Combined with power off grid

Lithuania:Solar roof systems
                                  System Capacity:6KW;Combined with power on grid

  Chile:Solar On-grid PV power station
System Capacity:500KW;Combined with power off grid

Zhejiang:Solar flat roof systems
                                System Capacity:300KW;Combined with  power on-grid  PV system

Qunzhou SGCC: Solar On-grid PV system
                                  System Capacity:5KW;Combined with power on-grid  PV system

                                 Shanxi: Solar mobile base station system
                                 System Capacity:5KW;Combined with power mobile base station system


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