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Poly Solar Module DPL6P60 series
Characteristics & Performance
  > Use of only certified materials at highest quality standards.
  > The process of cell and module production is fully automated with 100% quality control and product traceability.
  > Heavy load mechanical resistance: TÜV certified (5400Pa tested against snow and 2400Pa test against wind)
  > Excellent performances even during low solar radiation 
  > Guaranteed positive tolerance 0 to +3% of power for each module
Certifications for Incentives
   Quality, Environment, Health & Safety
   >  ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007
   >  Full Member PV Cycle Association AISBL
   Product Certifications
   >  Quality and Robustness: IEC61215:2005
   >  Safety: IEC61730 -1/-2, MCS, CEC, UL
   >  Resistance to salt corrosion (salt fog): IEC61701:2000
   >  Resistance to ammonia fumes: Ammonia Resistance Test


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