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When an aero-generator and an SPV system are interfaced,
the power generation from  these  is  mutually supplemented,
and the  resultant  hybrid  system offers areliableand
cost-effective electric supply in a decentralized mode.
The wind-solar hybrid system mainly consists of one or two
aero-generators along with SPV panels of suitable capacity,
connected with charge controller, inverter, battery bank,
etc. to supply AC power.

Why do we need Hybrid System?
The conventional energy sources decreases day  by day and they  may  produce pollution which is very
harmful for world and increasing the  global warming. So the aim of world is to reach the 40 percent rate of
the Renewable  energy sources in the energy  production  by  2020. One  option to achieve this aim  is to
increase the rateof the solar and wind energy  in  energy  Production.  These  energy  sources  provide 26.1% 
electricity  for the  consumption. These   targets  can be realized by Increasing the green energy production.
This target can be realized by member states in function of geographical and economical ability. Recently in
Eastern part of Europe we can finda lot of farms, situated in remote area, where electricity supply has
not reached. One obvious solution for electrification of these regions is the installation of small-scale
stand-alone solar and wind energy production systems.


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