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1.  Solar PV modules:
onverts solar energy into electric energy, usually 1m   area can install PV module of 100W~120W

2.  Roof : 
The PV modules can reduce 15% refrigeration expending in Summer

3. Combiner box:
 With monitoring system, DC photovoltaic lightning protection module, DC fuse and break etc.

4. Photovoltaic inverter : 
Adopt grid tracking technology,make grid power factor above 0.99,realize rapid MPPT Control,
adopt active islanding protection design to satisfy islanding protection time requrement of on grid power supply.
5. The AC safety, or disconnect, switch is a manual switch that can be used to disconnect a building’s electrical system from the solar

electricity system.

6. The entire system is linked to a remotely located performance monitoring reporting system (PMRS). The PMRS measures and monitors all electricity generated by the system, performs system diagnostics and sends alerts regarding system or equipment  issues. The PMRS also tracks weather and generates reports that link weather conditions to kilowatt-hour output.  


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Eason Zhong

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