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On-Grid Systems
On-Grid Systems
Come true with you 

●  More environmental investment strategy
 Improve system design, shorten period of investment return
     Satisfy policy demand, get government subsidies

●  Promote value, reduce operation cost
   Reduce the cost by saving power, saving material ,saving space,Improve cost performance
    Promote the difference with the similar building, improve asset value

●  Show social responsibility
Shorten discharge of greenhouse gases , Reflect environment friendly
      Reflect your social responsibility of environmental protection

Our Solution 
Dpl Energy has abundant design idea, experience of construction project in photovoltaic industry.

1.  Project Technical support:
In every moment of the project, DPL-ENERGY try our best to provide you with professional and impeccable  technical support,being aim at solving your questions and providing the best solution
    ●  Project technology consult  
    ●  Examine on the spot  
    ●  Improve the design of the system 

2.  Project Manage support

In accordance with the service idea of “trusteeship”, There are professional team taking charge of you project
     ●  Project technology support 
     ●  Project schedule monitor
     ●  Deal with emergency quickly  

3.  Engineering Project Contracting(EPC)
Based on DPL-ENERGY accumulating solar technology and project experience, help clients improve the design of the system,enhance the efficiency of power generation ,reduce the time of system building , reduce project cost, ensure the system’s stability and reliability.
Eason Zhong

Eason Zhong

Eason Zhong